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Desiree Pakiam
Going Out – By Day
4 August 2012

Forget work! Lose yourself in wonderful art, spectacular stories and strange settings this 4-5 August.

SCO Outdoor Rhapsody 2012
A relaxing evening of folk music is the Singapore Chinese Orchestra's (SCO) way of beginning the 2012-13 season in style. So sit back and enjoy Eric Watson's Amazing Grace, Liu Wen Jin's Jasmine, and Sim Boon Yew's Melodies Singapura, among others. Quek Ling Kiong and Moses Gay En Hui will conduct. 5 Aug, 6pm. Singapore Botanic Gardens. Free admission.

The Arabian Nights
Tony award-winner May Zimmerman's adaptation delves on love, honour and revenge through lots of good storytelling, as character Scheherezade skillfully uses her tales to intrigue the Caliph — and delay her execution. It's an Open Stage production that lets you immerse yourself in magic and fantasy. 4-5 Aug, 7.30pm. DBS Arts Centre. Tickets from $33.

A Walk in the City
See Singapore's urban landscape like never before thanks to the work of Chinese ink painter Ling Yang Chang. Her series promises to give you a fresh perspective of the city. 4-5 Aug, various times. Utterly Art Space. Free admission.

Need a heartwarming story to cheer you up? Well, here's your last chance to catch Annie, the British production of the classic Broadway musical which stars a young orphan adopted by a rich billionaire. 4-5 Aug, various times. Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands. Tickets from $68.

La Cage Aux Folles
Meet George — the host of nightclub La Cage Aux Folles — and his partner Albin, also known as Zaza from their hit cabaret. When George's son, John, announces that he's getting married to the daughter of Mr DD Tan, they're all sent into a tizzy. After all, Tan is a right-wing politician who's bent on closing them down!

Sounds familiar? The show is based on the play by Jean Poiret — which inspired the Hollywood movie, The Birdcage, starring Nathan Lane and Robbie Williams. So expect to be entertained! 4 Aug, 3pm and 8pm. Esplanade Theatre. Tickets from $43.

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