Running Man Star comes to Singapore

Elizabeth Soh
Going Out – By Night
30 January 2013

'Running Man' Kim Jong Kook is coming to Singapore (Photo courtesy of Mode Ent)
'Running Man' Kim Jong Kook is coming to Singapore (Photo courtesy of Mode Ent)

The squeaky-voiced but very buff star of hit Korean variety show "Running Man" is coming to Singapore.

Singer Kim Jong Kook, known to fans as "Sparta" for his brawny athleticism and gung-ho approach to on-show missions will be coming here for an autograph session and showcase in February.

Running Man works on a game-show format where celebrity stars take part in quirky missions demanding a range of skills, from defusing a ticking time bomb to running amok in amusement parks looking for lost tickets and escaping from 'prison'.

The show also features guest appearances from super-hot acts like Big Bang, funnyman Ha-Ha and Girls Generation.

Running man fever has caught on in Singapore since the show was aired on Channel U last November - sparking a craze for Running Man marathon style 'tags' which are worn on the backs of normal plain t-shirts and can be ordered on shopping site Qoo10 (formerly known as Gmarket).

Fans can get up close and personal with the crinkly-eyed Kim who will be performing songs from his latest album, "Journey Home" and entertaining the audience with his famous brand of act cute "aegyo" humour.

Kim's showcase will be held on 22 February at the Kallang Theatre. Tickets start from $68 to $108, and hardcore fans can fork out another $68 for a 'photo taking pass'.

The autograph session will take place the next day on 23 February at IMM's Garden Plaza and passes cost $48.

Tickets are available from

Watch an episode of "Running Man" here:

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