JYP accused of plagiarising hit song “Someday”

Elizabeth Soh
Singapore Showbiz
9 November 2012

JYP with the Wondergirls (Getty Images)
JYP with the Wondergirls (Getty Images)

The man behind K-pop star group Wondergirls and their smash hit "Nobody" has been accused of plagiarism.

Park Jin-Young, better known as JYP and the CEO of JYP Entertainment, is under fire for allegedly stealing the chorus melody for his hit song "Someday" by up and coming K-pop artiste IU from "To My Man" by Korean singer ASH.

Park, 40, is currently facing plagiarism charges in Seoul's High Court, and has testified that what he did was "not an intentional act of plagiarism".

"To My Man" composer Kim Shin Il, 40, has reportedly sued Park for $97,000.

According to JoongAng Daily, JYP told the court that the similarities were a "fluke", but admitted that the two songs sounded similar.

"If my song is indeed classified as a work of plagiarism, then I can't vouch that it won't happen again," he is reported as saying.

"If you are out to make catchy music, you are limited in the melody arrangement."

Watch the video below to hear the similarities (or differences) between the two songs.

"Someday", performed by IU, was part of the soundtrack for the wildly popular Korean drama "Dream High I", while "To My Man" by Ash was released in 2005 to limited success.

According to K-pop insiders, both songs are based on a commonly used melody dubbed the "Money Code," often heard in K-pop songs to up the "catchy" quality.

In 2010, K-pop star Lee Hyori was accused of ripping off six songs from her new album. In 2011, the composer, Bahnus, who had sold the songs to her management company, was fined $255,000 for plagiarism.

JYP Entertainment also manages the likes of 2AM, 2PM,and Miss A.

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