Local songbird Kit Chan ties the knot

Elizabeth Soh
Singapore Showbiz
11 December 2012

Long songbird Kit Chan got married on 8 Dec to her long term boyfriend (Getty Images)
Long songbird Kit Chan got married on 8 Dec to her long term boyfriend (Getty Images)

Homegrown singer Kit Chan, 39, tied the knot in an intimate ceremony with her long-time boyfriend on Dec 8.

According to entertainment website Omy.com, the "Home" singer married her boyfriend of 13 years, known only as "Han" at The Pines - a country club in central Singapore.

The low-key wedding was kept to eight tables of about 100 guests in total and was  attended by celebrity hairstylist David Gan and makeup artist Andy Lee, whom she has known for over a decade.

Omy.com also reported that some of Chan's friends had flown in from Taiwan specially to attend the wedding.

Breaking convention, the beaming bride did not wear a white wedding dress or veil, but instead donned a champagne coloured gown - there was also no march-in ceremony - just a simple cake cutting event.

When asked in previous media reports what attracted her to her then-boyfriend, now-husband, Chan reportedly said that his strong, stoic, and mature character had gotten her attention.

Chan is understood to have met her financial director husband, who is seven years older than her, in 2000 when they were taking the same flight.

When approached, Chan's manager admitted to journalists that she was now married, all interview requests were declined by the famously private star, who does not use social networking at all and has no Facebook or Twitter account.

"Kit has always been low key. She has said before that she would not announce her wedding, and that if she is one day seen wearing a wedding ring it would be that she has indeed married," her manager reportedly told Omy.com.

Watch Kit Chan's "Home" below:

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