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After School Members Reveal How They Got Their Lovely Legs

Lee, KyungNam
7 June 2012

What’s the secret behind After School’s picture-perfect legs?

On June 2, After School appeared on TBS’ King’s Brunch to promote its new single Lady Luck. Kahi, who had announced her graduation from the group, also appeared alongside her members.

On the day’s episode of King’s Brunch, when the members were asked about the secret behind their beautiful legs, they answered that they exercised and ate veggies. “We don’t eat food four hours before we are to go to sleep,” they said. “We usually go to sleep at 10. From six o’clock we don’t eat anything.”

After School’s fourth Japanese single album Lady Luck/Dilly Dally will be released on June 13.

After wrapping up promotions in Japan, including the group’s encore concert to be held in Tokyo on June 17, up to September, Kahi plans to go into preparation for her solo activities in Korea.

Photo credit: TBS

Reporter : Lee, KyungNam (lee1220@cj.net)
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