Ali wins Super Nova award

Ali wins Super Nova award

27 Mar – It was revealed that R&B star Ali has won the Super Nova award at the Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival on Friday, 23 March 2012.

According to a report on Chosunilbo website, the singer achieved the highest score in two rounds of competition and also received the award for best vocal performance. During a tele-conversation with the media, Ali stated that she was "...happy to win the top prize and raise further awareness of Korean pop music in a competition" that she just entered to gain experience on the international stage.

Seven teams of singers represented Asian countries in the competition, including China's Song Jing Yu, Alex Wu of Hong Kong and Japan's HIROZ SEVEN+.

Other stars also performed at the event, including TVXQ and Brown Eyed Girls from Korea, Japanese Ikumi Kumagai and Taiwan's Chang Yun Ching.

Ali is an R&B singer who had a rough time last year when she was involved in a controversy regarding her lyrics about a rape victim and made a statement saying that she was also the victim of such crime.

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