Andrew Garfield recalls Spider-Man suit panic

6 July 2012
Andrew Garfield recalls Spider-Man suit panic
Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield has recalled "hyperventilating" in his overly-restrictive Spider-Man suit.

The actor plays the iconic superhero in upcoming movie The Amazing Spider-Man. Andrew says the famed red and blue costume was awkward to wear at times, and has revealed one particularly sticky sequence.

"That was the most terrifying thing in the world. There is one scene where I am dunked in water and all this water got in my mouth and, being in the Spider-Man suit, I couldn’t breathe. I was hyperventilating, and it takes, like, ten minutes to get out of the suit," he told British newspaper The Metro.

"The stunt coordinator turned to me and said: 'Andy, you just waterboarded yourself. You f**king moron!' I was suffocating for a good minute and it was awful."

Andrew insists the suit was difficult to wear for the whole of filming. The 28-year-old star wishes the designers had created the iconic costume with practicality in mind.

"There is no way you could go to the bathroom. They didn’t make it practical for that," he smiled.

"They put a lot of focus on the outside but not so much focus on the inside. Really, though, I have nothing to complain about. I do get to play Spider-Man, after all."

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