Andy Lau and wife to move to Malaysia

Andy Lau and wife to move to Malaysia

18 Jun – Hong Kong megastar Andy Lau and his Malaysian wife Carol Chu will be moving to Malaysia to reside after the new birth of their daughter.

According to Jayne Stars, Lau's management agency East Asia Entertainment Ltd has confirmed that Lau and Chu will be moving to Malaysia with their newborn daughter, as he is afforded better privacy there than the constant hounding of the media in Hong Kong.

The Lau's are expected to be staying in a renovated two-into-one mansion that Lau had bought with for his family in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, proud father Lau had also shared a photo of his daughter's hand being enveloped by the hands of her parents during an appreciation ceremony with his fans.

The photo, which showed the three hands of Lau, Chu and their daughter, was displayed prominently at the venue of the ceremony and was distributed to the fans that attended the event, including "Simple Life" co-star Deanie Ip and Gordon Lam.

The appreciation ceremony was also to celebrate the 24th anniversary of Lau's Andy World Club, the full-moon celebration of his daughter and the birthday of Lau's father.

Lau thanked the support that was given to him throughout the 24 years of the club's existence and said:

"With this family, love is all around because of your support for the last 24 years!"

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