"You Are the Apple of My Eye" star criticised for praising Japan

"You Are the Apple of My Eye" star criticised for praising Japan

11 Jul - "You Are the Apple of My Eye" Taiwanese star Ko Chen-Tung has outraged Chinese Netizens for posting what the Netizens claim to be a supportive post towards Japan.

Chinese Netizens were outraged by the post that was posted on Ko's Weibo that read; "It has been a long time since I had come to Japan. It brings me different feelings and thoughts. Japan is such a beautiful and trendy country."

Ko was accused of being a traitor to his country by the Chinese Netizens. Some even described him as a "Japanese spy". However, Ko's fans were worried that Ko may close his Weibo account because of this.

Soon after Ko got word on the matter, he deleted all his previous posts on Weibo and posted the following:

"Thanks for all the comments and let us continue to move forward."

Ko's spokesperson said the actor is still not reachable as he is on vacation with his family in Japan.

It is known that Taiwanese singer Vivian Hsu had also deleted all her posts on Weibo after becoming a target of cyber bullies.

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