Barbie Hsu denies pregnancy rumours

Barbie Hsu denies pregnancy rumours

31 Jan – Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu recently debunked rumours of her supposed pregnancy.

According to Asianpopnews, on 28 January, the actress updated her Weibo and wrote, "Don't I have a Weibo account? If I have any big news, I will announce it myself. The news is false. I will treat it as a blessing to me."

The actress added, "I will stress again, it will only be true if it comes from me!"

Meanwhile, Barbie's representative expressed, "We will inform anyone if such event really occurred. This is an artiste's privacy. I can't make a response for her."

Speculations of her pregnancy began earlier this year when Barbie turned down the offer to perform for the Jiangsu TV Lunar New Year countdown celebration, as well as several other projects.

It was later admitted by an inside source, who stated that news of Barbie's pregnancy has already circulated within her friends in Beijing.

The insider stated, "Taiwanese believe that they should not disclose the pregnancy within three months. She is now resting. Apart from the work and endorsements in which she has contractual obligations, she will not accept any new jobs."

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