Is Barbie Hsu hinting pregnancy?

Is Barbie Hsu hinting pregnancy?

6 Feb – Although she dismissed initial rumours of her pregnancy, Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu seem to be hinting that there might be some truth to the speculation.

As reported on Asianpopnews website, the actress was spotted shopping with husband, Wang Xiao Fei at a mall. Her baggy outfit sparked the possibility of pregnancy, leading reporters to ask the same question again.

However, unlike her earlier brash dismissal, the actress replied, "I will announce it myself if there is any big news!"

Meanwhile, fans were also curious about the actress' condition when Barbie left a suspicious message on her Weibo and appeared to be hinting at pregnancy.

In her early days, Barbie was in a duo group called S.O.S. with her sister, Dee Hsu and had launched an album "Abnormal Girl".

In her Weibo recently, Barbie wrote, "I still miss the 'violent aesthetics'. Are you able to accept that the Abnormal Girl has turned into the Abnormal Woman?"

Fans, who have been waiting for any signs showing that the actress is expecting, quickly responded with congratulatory remarks, while some wrote, "Please do not get too fascinated into it when you have transformed into a mother".

The actress has been rumoured to be pregnant with their first child countless times since her marriage to billionaire Wang Xiao Fei in 2010.

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