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"The Beggar Hero" revealed!

5 October 2012

5 Oct – After news had leaked that acclaimed TVB actor Wayne Lai Yiu-cheung was offered a 7-figure salary to star in the Malaysian film "The Beggar Hero", all eyes have been definitely been on the film that is set to begin shooting this November, since.

Directed by Bryan Gao, the film is set in a historical era, with Wayne Lai in the lead as Chan Tai Lik, which means "Strong One". Orphaned at a young age, Chan Tai Lik is taken in by the "Master of Beggars", who also teaches him martial arts as a means to survive. When he grows up, he takes on the beggars' group principle of helping others in need, especially the poor, and bringing forward their own brand of justice. Chan Tai Lik's duty is made all the more easier with the help of his beggar friends, played by Singaporean actors Henry Thia and Ah Nam, and Malaysian singer Karen Kong, who may also be his love interest. Together, the trio believe that nothing is impossible.

The conflict of the story comes in the form of a rival beggar group known as "Lan Jie", who has come to realise Chan Tai Lik's capacity as a leader, thus seeking to recruit him as their leader in order for their group to flourish. Meanwhile, amid the rivalry between beggar sects, the mob is trying to bring the beggars' reign to an end. Chan Tai Lik now has to figure out how to save his friends and his love and instead, end the conflict once and for all.

Considering that this is Wayne Lai's first Malaysian film, many are wondering if the Hong Kong actor has any qualms about it.

"Not much, it has been stated clearly that we will be shooting at most 12 hours. To us, who are used to shooting TV series, it is not considered too difficult."

He added, "However, I really hope that the film can be accepted by Malaysia's audiences. Films are so subjective. But the most important thing for me as an actor is to be able to tell a good story and illustrate that through my acting. Money is not really the issue."

(Middle, Crop/resize accordingly) Pic: \\SOW\ray_2\Editorial\Frequent\Photos\Photo Library (event)\PC 121003 The Beggar Hero, Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe, Sunway Giza\copy-0048.jpg Caption: (Leftmost) Director Bryan Gao with his actors and producers.

"The Beggar Hero" will see release sometime in 2013. There will be a casting call for the film on 10, 13 and 14 October at Queensbay Mall Penang from 2pm to 7pm.

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