Bobby's friends voice support

Bobby's friends voice support

14 Feb – While many speculated that alcohol was the reason for Bobby Au Yeung's acute pneumonia, friends of the actor dismissed the idea and believed that it was caused by the actor accidentally swallowing food into his lungs.

As reported on Jayne Stars website, Michael Tao, who was with the actor during the incident at a house party on 11 February, stated, "Bobby only drank a little due to the good cheer, but he has been tired due to filming long hours for TVB drama, "Love Reverses Three Lifetimes of Fate"."

Meanwhile, Michael Tse who left the party early with wife, Tina, revealed, "Before I left, Bobby was normal. Perhaps he drank too quickly. I only knew that he had entered the ICU when I woke up. I'm very worried, and it's the Lunar New Year too."

Asked if he would visit his friend at the hospital, Michael stated that he wished not to disturb Bobby and will visit when the actor is feeling better.

Asked for an expert opinion about the possibility of pneumonia caused by swallowing food down the windpipe, Hong Kong doctor, Kwan Ka Mei stated, "This is rarely seen in adults. It inflicts the elderly, stroke victims and those who suffer from Parkinson's disease more readily due to their difficulty in swallowing."

The doctor continued, "The second possibility is that he drank so much, the liquor went down the windpipe. Or he drank until he vomited and other people did not know how to help him. If they reclined him in a flat position to rest, the vomit may have entered the windpipe and subsequently his lungs, leading to acute pneumonia."

However, this information was denied by his manager, Lydia who stated that his condition has nothing to do with alcohol.

Lydia stated, "He is suffering from acute pneumonia, but he only drank one glass of liquor. [His hospitalisation] is not related to drinking."

Her statement was supported by his many other TVB colleagues. Actress Kenix Kwok stated, "I know that he doesn't know how to drink much. I hope he leaves the ICU quickly", while Joe Ma stated, "I hope he will be fine soon. From what I know, he is very careful in his drinking. He will not carelessly mix drinks together and will not drink excessively. I wish him good health in the Year of the Snake."

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