Bonham Carter: Working with Burton makes sense

4 May 2012
Bonham Carter: Working with Burton makes sense
Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton

Helena Bonham Carter thinks it would be "perverse and positively wrong" to turn down Tim Burton film roles because he's her long-time partner.

The Hollywood stars raise two children and have been together since 2001. They often collaborate on film projects together.

Helena and Tim are currently promoting Dark Shadows, which Tim directed and Helena stars in.

Helena loves that she has such a talented partner, and appreciates working with him.

"And I think, Oh, why do you work with him again? But it makes sense for me. I've got two children with the man. It doesn't make any sense to be going around the other side of the world and doing some other thing," she told Interview magazine.

"And also, it's Tim Burton. He's a genius. You can't turn him down just because you go out with him and have two children together.

"It would be insane. It would be perverse. It would be positively wrong - and stupid."

The couple are famously quirky, but many people believe Helena became "weird" when she first embarked on a relationship with the filmmaker.

However, Helena insists her character was defined well before she ever fell for Tim.

"I was weird right from the start. It's just that you can't ever expect people to get you. And I do think that really did mess with my head, being well-known young, when you really don't know who you are," she said.

"This is how ridiculous I was: I'd sometimes go look at a written profile of me and see how I was described and say, 'Oh, is that who I am?' You can't ever put your self-definition in the hands of somebody who meets you for 15 minutes."

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