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Boyfriend group creates webtoons

Boyfriend group creates webtoons
Boyfriend group creates webtoons

9 Aug – After B2ST's comic and B.A.P.'s Bunny Matoki, it was revealed Boyfriend will be the next idol group to come out with animation-related promotion by using webtoon as a way to communicate with fans.

Koreaboo website reported that as the first group to be using webtoons, Boyfriend will be applying the webtoons as a fresh and unique way of interacting with fans.

Their agency stated, "Boyfriend decided to create webtoons because they are webtoons fans themselves."

And since not all of them are experienced in drawing cartoons, the group received lessons from famous cartoonists to create their own webtoons. The webtoons can be found on Naver in the comic challenge section while some of their effort was also showcased on SBS's "Wonder Boy".

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