Bruno Guillon leaves Mulberry

20 March 2014
Bruno Guillon leaves Mulberry
Bruno Guillon

Bruno Guillon has stepped down as chief executive officer of Mulberry.

The resignation comes just two months after the British fashion house issued a major profit warning.

A statement was released by Burberry earlier confirming Bruno's departure. He had been at the company for just over two years.

Godfrey Davis will step in as CEO until a replacement is found. He has previously held the role, but has most recently been working as non-executive chairman.

"[Bruno] has helped improve the quality of the Mulberry offering and enabled the company to increase its international appeal and grown international retail sales. I am confident that Mulberry has the heritage, brand appeal and products to build on what has been achieved," Godfrey has said in an official statement.

He also thanks Bruno for his "hard work over the past two years".

Before moving to Mulberry, Bruno helmed Hermès, as the luxury brand's managing director.

He sought to move Mulberry further upmarket, and wanted to build up its name as an international brand that could compete with other big luxury brands.

In January, Mulberry predicted that sales for the year, ending March 31, will likely be flat against last year's £165million. It blamed the lower-than-expected profits on UK retail sales, which included tough pre-Christmas trading conditions and wholesale order cancellations from South Korea.

The downgraded profit forecasts were the brand's third in the space of around 18 months.

At Mulberry's recent London Fashion Week show, instead of showcasing its Fall/Winter 14 collection, it chose to instead host a presentation launching the new line of bags designed by model Cara Delevingne.

The departure comes less than a year after Emma Hill, Mulberry's former creative director, announced she was leaving the company, which occurred in June 2013.

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