For the Busy Parent: Pitta Pizza in 10 minutes

10 May 2012

A quick and easy snack for your kids.

Text and Images by Vicky Henniker-Anandraj

For the Busy Parent: Pitta Pizza in 10 minutes
For the Busy Parent: Pitta Pizza in 10 minutes

When children go to school, parents scramble to search for quick, easy and healthy lunch box ideas. Here is one that you can do in 10 minutes, a Pitta Pizza that is great even if it’s served cold since there is no way you could heat up the packed food in your child’s school. Of course, great when served hot too!

This is a recipe that is egg free. If you want to make a dairy free pitta pizza, you would need to use dairy free pitta bread, or fold in half an Old El Paso tortillas and also use soy cheese. There are also gluten free wraps from Freedom Food called “Free from gluten”, which are dairy free too. These products are available in the Cold Storage Specialty stores.

Ingredients Wholemeal pitta bread 1 slice of good quality ham 1 handful (40 grams) of freshly grated cheddar cheese 2 tbsp of tomato pizza sauce 2 tbsp of green pitted olives (you can use olives stuffed with pimientos or cherry peppers)

Method: Score the pitta bread with a sharp knife and spread the pizza sauce over the top. Chop up the ham and scatter over the top of the pitta bread. Sprinkle the cheese on top and place it in the oven, set to grill at 300C for about 5 minutes or until the cheese is bubbling and browning.

Editor’s note: Depending on whether your child is a picky eater, you can serve the olives on the side or put the olives on before the cheese.

Vicky Henniker-Anandraj is a mother of two kids with severe food allergies. She writes on all things allergy, family and fun in Singapore. Working with leading chefs to create allergy-aware meals for readers, as well as developing their own home-style recipes, she also hunts down places that are allergy-safe for her kids.

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