Cameron Diaz: Diet is about control

10 November 2012
Cameron Diaz: Diet is about control
Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz says the secret to her shape is "control".

The actress explained how disciplined she is with her diet.

The svelte blonde says her attitude isn't to deprive herself of anything, but by watching what she eats and planning her meals she can maintain a healthy weight.

"It's about controlling something so that you can have more," Cameron revealed to the British edition of Elle magazine. "It's my body - I don't have to have somebody else making the choices for me. So I take it with me, and I set up my life so I can do that. If I'm out for the day running around taking care of errands, especially in Los Angeles, most of the time I show up with my own food."

Cameron is not a fan of the typical image of Hollywood stars being super thin. She places importance on being fit and healthy rather than a size zero.

"With good nutrition you actually get to eat more food," Cameron passionately explained. "Because when you're eating empty calories, a massive plate of food that does nothing for you, all it does is feed sickness, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, lethargy, issues with your digestive system..."

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