Dal Shabet's homepage hacked yet again

Dal Shabet's homepage hacked yet again

16 Jun – It was revealed that the homepage of girl group Dal Shabet was hacked yet again.

According to Allkpop website, the group's official homepage was hacked again on 12 June. This time, the hacking seemed to have been copied from a scene in the SBS drama, "Phantom".

Fans who visited the girl group's homepage will see the letter H and hear a song from "The Phantom of the Opera" playing, which is the same trademark that was used by the computer genius Hades (played by Daniel Choi) from the drama series.

It was reported that the entire contents from Dal Shabet's homepage were erased. However, it has been restored by their technical team that stated: "It wasn't hacked but there was an error in the server that caused all the data to be erased. We have immediately restored it from backups."

This is not the first time the group's website had been hacked. In 2011, the website was hacked with SNSD's label being stamped on the group's photo, and back in January, it was hacked again due to a fan feud between the group's fans and the followers of boy band B1A4.

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