David Gandy: I’m proud of posing

13 June 2014
David Gandy: I’m proud of posing
David Gandy

EN Fashion - David Gandy isn't ashamed to say he's a model.

The British hunk has become one of the most prolific names in the fashion industry since he burst onto the scene in 2007's Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue campaign.

Far from being embarrassed by his profession, David says posing in front of a camera has afforded him amazing opportunities.

"I say I'm a model," David replied to British newspaper Metro when they quizzed him on what he classifies himself as. "I'm probably one of the few guys who is proud to say but that's what has given me the opportunities to do all these great projects.

"You have actors who started as models who criticise modelling and the fashion industry. I've always wondered why they do that."

David also dispels the myth that male models are dim, and have no ambition.

"It comes from the fact they're not taken seriously," he said of the stereotypes associated with the profession. "Male models are an easy target to have the mickey taken out of."

Fashion is still an industry that is dominated by women, but 34-year-old David admits to enjoying the challenge of making it to the top.

He's also spearheading the change in attitude that people have towards men who work in field.

"When I started, it was an industry that was all about the women and they earned a lot more than the guys. I was up against the female supermodels. They were the pinnacles for me. They were earning huge amounts of money and that's what I wanted.

"Now I'm up there with what the girls earn and I have all the contracts and am in control. It's my image and my brand so I have to be careful of what I shoot," he added.

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