DBSK certified Gold in Japan

DBSK certified Gold in Japan

18 Aug - It was revealed that SMEnt's group DBSK have received the Gold certification in Japan.

Allkpop website reported that The Recording Industry Association of Japan reported that DBSK's new single "Android" and the DVD of their 2012 Japanese Live Tour, "Tone" have both been certified Gold.

The duo followed the footsteps of singer Kim Hyun-joong, whose single, "Heat" also received the same accreditation after its release in July.

The Recording Industry Association of Japan only rewarded the 'Gold' certification to artistes that have sold over 100,000 album copies and DBSK proved that they are one of the pioneers in the Hallyu Wave in Japan by breaking a new record on the Oricon Chart – with 11 hit songs on the chart and the first international artiste in 45 years to reach the top spot on the Weekly Single Chart 10 times.

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