Eddie Peng talks "Cold War"

10 September 2012
Eddie Peng talks "Cold War"

10 Sep – Since "Love You You" in 2011, Taiwanese star Eddie Peng has been making the rounds in the Hong Kong movie scene, netting roles in upcoming blockbusters like "Cold War", "Tai Chi 0" and "Tai Chi Hero". According to his veteran and frequent co-star, three-time Hong Kong Film Award winner Tony Leung Ka-fai, Peng's acting has massively improved in "Cold War".

Peng plays a rookie police who is also the son of the Police Superintendent in the Hong Kong police unit, played by Leung Ka-fai in Longman Leung and Sunny Luk's directorial debut.

"I've been acting as a father for many times. There's not much that is different in this film except this time I'm playing a father figure who have served in the police force for 30 years with a son who is also a policeman. You are going to witness a very dramatic conflict between father and son. It's interesting. I've also been working with Eddie in "Tai Chi O", he has really improved a lot," said Leung, who plays the uncle of Peng's character in Stephen Fung upcoming martial arts thriller, "Tai Chi 0".

When asked what he has to say to that, Peng revealed that he has learnt many valuable lessons under Leung Ka-fai's guidance.

"Tony is one of the actors that I admire most. He sets a great example for me. He is a very friendly and funny guy who's willing to share his experience with me. I've learnt a lot from him," said the 30-year-old Taiwanese actor.

He added, "Having the opportunity to participate in the movie together with veteran actors like Tony and Andy [Lau] is one the best experience I've gained from "Cold War"."

Besides Leung Ka-fai and Andy Lau, "Cold War" also features prolific stars like Aaron Kwok, Aarif Lee, Gordon Lam, Andy On and Charlie Yeung.

It was also revealed that "A Simple Life" star Andy Lau was supposed to be one of the main characters, but he switched himself to a supporting role as he was too busy with his family matters during the shooting of "Cold War".

"Ten years ago, we have "Infernal Affairs". It was a classic gangster film. It is my pleasure to play a part in "Cold War" and hope it can become the new benchmark for Hong Kong police-gangster films for the next ten years," said Lau.

"Cold War" will be released in Malaysia's and Singapore's cinemas on 18 October.

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