Edison Chen's lovers spat

Edison Chen's lovers spat

17 Jan – Rumour has it that Edison Chen's girlfriend, Ann Hong might have returned to Taiwan due to the actor's philandering ways.

Asianpopnews website reported that the rumours sparked after the former Taipei Juice employee was not seen by Edison's side for almost a month, although Ann has always been by his side on business trips before.

A source closed to Edison said, "Edison said that she has returned to Taiwan. I thought that it was because Ann found out about his cheating, but Edison said it was not. He was hesitant when I probed him for the reason and he only said he was not feeling well".

Tabloids reported that Edison Chen's flirtatious behaviour might have been the cause of her sudden disappearance.

However, according to another tabloid report, Edison has been dreary since Ann left. Spotted at a friend's night club on 9 January, the actor spent the whole night sending text messages and left with a friend less than two hours later.

A source revealed, "Edison was restless the whole night. Even when there were many sexy women around him, he was not interested at all".

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