Evil Sandra Bullock in "Minions"

17 February 2013
Evil Sandra Bullock in "Minions"

17 Feb – Oscar-winning actress, Sandra Bullock, who stepped away from her girl-next-door image with "The Blind Side", will soon play against type once more as a villain in the upcoming "Minions", a spin-off from the popular animation "Despicable Me".

Lending her voice to the animation, she will be playing Scarlet Overkill, an ambitious evil woman who is hand-picked by the adorable minions to serve as their new master at a villain convention, as reported by Deadline.

The movie serves as a prequel to "Despicable Me" and will be set in the 1960s. The story traces the minions' existence since the beginning of time serving history's most notorious villains.

The animation is slated to be done in 3D and will be released on 19 December, 2014.

The minions can next be seen in "Despicable Me 2" which will be in Malaysia and Singapore theatres on 3 July while Sandra Bullock will next be seen with another Oscar winner, Melissa McCarthy in comedy "The Heat", out on 4 April.

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