"Expendables 3" to include Jackie Chan

17 December 2012
"Expendables 3" to include Jackie Chan

17 Dec – Jackie Chan has confirmed his involvement with Sylvester Stallone's "Expendables 3" as the script is currently in works to include the international action star recently at a press conference for "CZ12" in Kuala Lumpur.

"Sly had invited me to be in "Expendables 2" but I was too busy filming "CZ12" and couldn't make a commitment to the film. But he did extend his invitation to the third movie, which I agreed on the condition that I will be appearing as more than just a minor role with a few scenes," said Chan.

Chan added that he had revealed to Stallone that he hoped the third installment of the franchise would run along the lines of a 'buddy-buddy' movie should Chan be starring in it, which the "Rambo" star obliged. Currently, the script is in the midst of being worked on to meet the criteria.

Besides "Expendables 3", Chan will be buried with work in the coming year as he is also preparing for his next Hollywood fair reminiscent of the "Rush Hour" franchise, where he will pair up with a counterpart from the West. The working title for the movie is "Skip Tracer".

"The script is currently viewed by Chris Tucker. Personally, I feel that if he were to pick it up, it would be better if we turned it into "Rush Hour 4" but I do think that three movies for the franchise is a perfect ending. It would be better to start a new buddy movie with someone new," declared Chan.

Other upcoming movies up his plate include "Police Story 2013" as well as a musical tentatively named "I am Jackie Chan" being in the works which Chan has confirmed he will not be starring as himself but is currently on the lookout for child actors to play the part of his younger self.

With a busy year ahead, Chan's announcement of "CZ12" being his last action movie seem to be obsolete. The action star went on to explain that he had considered retirement upon the finish of the movie but changed his mind as he realised that it was impossible for him to retire from movies.

"What am I supposed to do if I stop making movies? Which is why, I will make an amendment to my announcement. "CZ12" will be my last big action movie. I won't be able to complete every stunt myself now and will probably relax a bit in that area by using CG effects in the future. But I will never quit movies."

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