Fala Chen confirmed married!

Fala Chen confirmed married!

14 Jan - The rumour about Hong Kong TVB actress Fala Chen getting hitched to the young owner of Neway Karaoke, Sit Sai Hang, in 2008 has been getting around but nothing has been mentioned or confirmed by Chen or her management company to the public about the rumour, hence it died down, but the long-awaited news has now arrived.

Recently, Next magazine had quoted Sit Sai Hang on saying that he did not regret marrying the beauty queen in the United States and was glad to he got to gift her a 40,000 feet mansion which meant that she is definitely married, and married rich.

This also caused gave birth to speculations about 29-year-old Chen's strange behaviour on-set back in 2008, where she threw various tantrums that led resulted in her temporary break from TVB. According to these rumours, it is because Chen is wealthy that she no longer cares about her acting career.

Chen was also said to have taken leave from TVB to fly to the states to get married with Sit. The marriage saw her receiving a cheque worth 10 million from her husband, which explained the mansion that she bought in Georgia.

An inside source reported that the model-actress had evidently promised Sit's family that she will be with child soon, but till now, that still remains to be seen.

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