Fennie Yuen and lesbian partner break up

17 Jan – It was reported that former actress, Fennie Yuen has broken up with her lover and female companion, Yuen Ka Yan after seven years together.

As reported on Popular Asian website, sources disclosed that Fennie and Yuen have decided to part ways amicably in 2012 due to differences in their personality.

Proving the rumours to be true, at Kathy Chow and Julien Lepeu's Hong Kong wedding banquet, Yuen Ka Yan was seen with a long-haired woman – believed to be her new girlfriend, who also accompanied a drunken Ka Yan home.

In 2005, "Revelation of the Last Hero" actress, Fennie Yuen started a high-profile lesbian relationship with Yuen Ka Yan, sister-in-law of socialite Yvette Yung.

Despite being classmates during their high school years, the former couple only became lovers after they meet again in 2005 at a friend's birthday party.

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