FT Island holds a fan meeting celebrating the 5th anniversary of debut

Choi Hyun-Jung
5 June 2012
FT Island holds a fan meeting celebrating the 5th anniversary of debut

FT Island successfully finished their fan meeting, celebrating the 5th anniversary of their debut.

On June 2nd, FT Island had 'PRI PARTY 2, OH, F DAY!' at Yeonsei University.

'PRI PARTY 2, Oh, F DAY' was planned to celebrate the 5th anniversary of FT Island's debut, and 'PRI' stands for 'Prima donna', and 'Oh F' represents 5 words that start with 'F'(FAN, FUN, FAMILY, FT Island, FIVE).

The venue was filled up with fans holding yellow flags, and they had memorable time.

In addition, fans from Japan, Hong Kong, England, Thailand, and various other cities in Korea all gathered at one place, and celebrated the 5th anniversary of FT Island's debut.

The fan meeting was held for three and a half hours, and the members prepared various events to gift the fans a memorable time.

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