FTISLAND presented a surprise Halloween performance during their concert

Kim Dong-Joo
2 November 2013
FTISLAND presented a surprise Halloween performance during their concert

FTISLAND presented a surprise Halloween performance during their concert.

On November 1st, FTISLAND's management agency, FNC Entertainment, revealed photos from FTISLAND's recent ZEPP TOUR in Japan.

During October 28th show, which was held in NAgoya, Lee Hong Gi appeared on the stage in a 'Dracula' makeup. Song Seung Hyun appeared with a Batman mask, Lee Jae Jin appeared as Maskman, and Choi Jin Hwan appeared with a cat makeup.

FTISLAND are celebrating their 6th debut anniversary this year, and they presented a memorable show to the fans, performing songs from their previous albums.

FTISLAND deeply impressed the audience with their amazing performance, and expressed the joy they are feeling and their gratitude for the fans.

It is said that the fans were very deeply touched to see all of the five members singing.

Meanwhile, FTISLAND's ZEPP TOUR was held in Tokyo, Sapporo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Shizuoka, and Nagoya.

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