G-Dragon's world tour show in Jakarta successfully finished

Choi Hyun-Jung
17 June 2013
G-Dragon's world tour show in Jakarta successfully finished

G-Dragon successfully finished his world tour concert in Indonesia.

On June 17th, his management agency told that G-Dragon held his world tour concert at 'Mata Eland International Stadium' located in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 15th and 16th.

G-Dragon appeared on the stage in a beautiful car, and performed 20 songs in total, including 'HEART BREAKER', 'ONE OF A KIND', 'CRAYON', 'THE XX', and 'Michi GO'.

During the concert, BigBang's TOP appeared as a special guest, and showed a fantastic performance. G-Dragon and TOP performed three songs, and received great cheers from the audience.

TOP also performed his solo number, 'TURN IT UP'.

On the other hand, G-Dragon started his world tour 'ONE OF A KIND' in March in Seoul, and now, he only has shows in Malaysia and Singapore left.

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