G.O. writes a song for A-PRINCE

G.O. writes a song for A-PRINCE

21 Jun – It was revealed that MBLAQ's G.O. has assisted rookie group A-PRINCE by giving them one of his songs for their debut album.

According to Dkpopnews website, A-PRINCE updated their official Twitter stating, "MBLAQ's lead vocal G.O is involved in writing the lyrics and music for the A-PRINCE debut album. It is scheduled to be revealed prior to their debut in July."

It was revealed that the song will be added into their debut album and will be released in July before the launch of their album.

Formerly known as TAKEN, A-PRINCE is comprised by original members Sung-won, Min-hyun and Tae-hyuk and two new members Seung-jun and Si-yoon.

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