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Gemma Arterton mocks BAFTA presenters

15 February 2013
Gemma Arterton mocks BAFTA presenters
Gemma Arterton

Gemma Arterton has joked some of the actors presenting awards at the BAFTAs were “rubbish”.

The British actress attended the prestigious ceremony last week along with a host of other famous faces.

Among those handing out awards were some of the biggest names in Hollywood, but Gemma wasn’t impressed with their efforts.

“I was watching the BAFTAs the other day because I was there and some really good actors were presenting and they were rubbish!” she laughed to British radio host Nick Grimshaw.

“They were like [puts on monotone voice]: ‘And the award goes to...’ Really stiff and I think, ‘Just act!’”

Gemma shows off her own acting skills in Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, a twisted take on the classic fairy tale.

With its action-fantasy genre the 27-year-old quipped it attracts some strange fans.

“[No, it’s] not the most romantic [film]! There are some sort of romantic scenes. Someone said to me, like one of the geeks, you know, because it’s for fan boys! He was like, ‘Oh, this is the perfect movie to bring my girlfriend to for Valentine’s!’” she giggled.

The brunette beauty is joined on screen by Jeremy Renner, who takes on the role of her brother Hansel.

The actors play tough characters in the film, but Gemma thinks they wouldn’t make good fighters in real life.

“Actors would be rubbish in a fight because we learn how to make a punch look good but not actually hit anyone!” she laughed.

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