Han Ji Hye Shows Off Her Womanly Charms in Paris

Lee, DongHyun
25 April 2012

Actress Han Ji Hye showed off her womanly charms laden with the romance of Paris.

Han Ji Hye left Chicago for a Paris photo shoot that will appear in the upcoming May issue of Marie Claire.

In the first picture, Han Ji Hye showed off her chic fashion sense with her black spring dress and a prominent blue handbag. She boldly strutted around Place de la Concorde with her bare shoulders. In another picture, Han Ji Hye can be seen walking along the River Seine in her memorable tri-color striped dress, revealing her fashionista sense yet again. She appeared to give off the ‘cold city girl of Paris’ vibe.

An editor from the photo shoot heaped praise on Han Ji Hye saying, “Han Ji Hye overwhelmed the photo shoot with her cheerful yet emotional vibe that matched the romance of France pictorial concept.”

Photo credit: Marie Claire

Reporter : Lee, DongHyun (kulkuri7@cj.net)
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