Han Ji min to release new pictorial with allure Korea

20 June 2013

[by Chloe Yun] ‘Swiss Friends’ Han Ji min released new Switzerland pictorial with allure Korea.

Actress Han Ji min was chosen as a goodwill ambassador of Switzerland tourism entitled, ‘Swiss Friends’ and recently visited various cities in Switzerland including Gruyère, Zermatt, Bern, Luzern. This allure pictorial portrays the perfect harmony of Han Ji min’s beauty and that of Switzerland. 


In the pictorial, Han Ji min flaunts her signature lovely, famine charm, reminding us that she was is the original ‘Korean Goddess.’ She also shows modern, more matured mood in an edgy dress, expressing an actress’ confidence and charisma. 

Han Ji min has been practicing guitar and singing for her new role as a singer-songwriter in upcoming moving ‘Plan Man,’ and she brought her guitar to Switzerland and kept practicing time to time, according to allure staff. 

“It is hard to play guitar, but it is harder to sing. I tried to sing with my real voice, and that’s that hardest part. I\'ve been enjoying practicing guitar. I was first worried my hands would be too small, but I got confident after watching children playing,” said Han, expressing excitement for her new movie. 


Meanwhile, rest of Han Ji min’s pictorial and interview can be found on the July issue of allure Korea. (photo by allure Korea)

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