Han Seung-yeon tells that she eats pork skin for her skin care

Choi Hyun-Jung
13 September 2012
Han Seung-yeon tells that she eats pork skin for her skin care

Han Seung-yeon told that she eats a lot of pork skin for skin care purpose.

On 11th, KARA had live online chat with the fans through their me2day.

During the event, KARA gave the most honest answers to fans' various questions, and made them laugh.

As she was asked about how they take care of their skin, Han Seung-yeon told, "I eat a lot of pork skin," and drew people attention.

Nicole said, "I put some honey over skin trouble," and Goo Ha-ra said, "I put half the bottle of moisturizer," and made people laugh.

Han Seung-yeon also told, "When I was having trouble during recording, I ate samgyeopsal(pork belly) and continued on," and told different behind stories that took place while preparing for their new album."

On the other hand, KARA concluded the event asking the fans for their continuous love and support.

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