Huang Wenyong angered over daughter's photos

Naseem Randhawa
16 August 2011
Huang Wenyong angered over daughter's photos

16 Aug – Local actor Huang Wenyong is reportedly angered by his 20-year-old daughter Nicole Huang, who had been posting sexy and suggestive photos of herself online, according to Netizens postings on Channel News Asia's forum.

The photos showed Nicole clad in bikini, posing on her bed suggestively, biting her lips and smoking a cigarette, apart from the clubbing pictures posted on her Facebook page and her personal blog.

Actor Huang has two children, one of whom is Nicole, 20, who recently graduated from Singapore Polytechnic and is furthering her studies at the Singapore Institute of Management.

Nicole is a freelance model and posted several sexy self-portraits flaunting her cleavage on her Facebook page and personal blog.

Nicole apparently started her blog back in March and within a span of only five months, her blog saw close to 40,000 visitors.

Due to the nature of her photos, rumour has it that her father has caught wind of the situation through the negative publicity it generated on the web and is rather angered by it.

Huang Wenyong is a Singaporean actor who has appeared in many drama series, and is perhaps best known for his appearance in "The Awakening" and "The Seletar Robbery".

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