J. Tune Camp to debut Two X

J. Tune Camp to debut Two X

15 Aug – It was revealed that Rain's agency, J.Tune Camp recently announced their upcoming new group, Two X.

As reported on Dkpopnews website, the agency – home to famous idol group MBLAQ posted two updates on their official Twitter, stating, "2012.08.16. J.Tune Camp New Artist 'Two X' Debut", and "August 13th J.Tune's new family member 'Two X' will be revealed. We request for lots of interest."

Despite the Tweets, the company has yet to reveal the members of the group, the concept or even a teaser photo. Netizens are also confused with their two conflicting Twitter updates as it was first stated that the group will debut on 16 August while the others stated 13 August to be the date of their first appearance on MBC's "Music Core".

Rumour has it that J.Tune Camp's trainee Sang-bae will also be included in the group.

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