Jackie Chan: "The will was made 15 years ago!"

Jackie Chan: "The will was made 15 years ago!"

15 Dec – After a lot of criticism drawing from his refusal to name his illegitimate child Etta in his will, Jackie Chan explains his reason why.

As reported on Popular Asians, Jackie clarified that the reason for not leaving any money for Etta is that his will was written 15 years ago, before Etta's birth.

Jackie stated, "My will has not been changed since, so it is not unusual for Etta to be left out of it."

Jackie has always been known for being absent in his family's life, and prioritise his career over his wife and children. Despite knowing the fact that he has not been around for his family, the actor has remained unapologetic about it.

According to Jackie, "I am a chauvinist. I never remember my wife's birthday. If you never celebrate with her, she will be upset once or twice at most, but she will get used to it."

The actor stated that he believes in treating his beloved well every day rather than just an occasional treat, a theory that in the end caused son, Jaycee Chan to stop trying to be nice after Jackie scolded him for wishing him a Happy Father's Day.

Jackie revealed that he told his son, "I am not into celebrating any holidays as we should be nice to each other and treasure our family every day."

However, despite his views about family and familial duty, the actor indeed made the mistake of having an affair with Elaine Ng, who later gave birth to his daughter Etta in 1999.

In related news, Jackie revealed that his wife Joan makes a cameo appearance at the end of his latest movie, "CZ12" after he begged her to do so. Joan Lin has already retired from the acting business for 30 years.

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