Jackie Chan's lovechild gets nothing

Jackie Chan's lovechild gets nothing

11 Dec – Jackie Chan reportedly will not be naming his illegitimate daughter Etta in his will for 2.2 billion worth of inheritance, a decision that did not affect the mother and former lover, Elaine Ng.

As reported on Popular Asians, the multi-talented superstar talked about his extra-marital affairs with Elaine Ng in an interview recently, stating that his wife, Joan Lin, was very calm about the discovery of his affair that resulted in the birth of Etta in 1999.

The actor, who has not spent any time with Etta as a father over the years, revealed that will not leave a penny to her name, stating, "There is really no point in admitting that Etta is my daughter now!"

Etta's mother and Jackie's former lover, Elaine Ng, reportedly claimed that she was not affected by Jackie's remarks, even hinted that Jackie had never given her a large sum of money for settlement after breaking up.

When asked about Jackie's comments in the magazine interview, Elaine said, "I did not read the recent article. Let's not talk about it anymore. It's already in the past."

Elaine also revealed that she had no recent contact with Jackie, and she has been taking care of Etta all by herself all these years. As for whether her daughter has any desire to meet her father, Elaine said that she and her daughter have adamantly agreed not to talk about the past.

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