January Jones: Mad Men style evolves

9 April 2013
January Jones: Mad Men style evolves
January Jones

January Jones loves seeing her Mad Men character emulate Jackie Kennedy's style.

The actress stars as Betty Francis in the elegant period-perfect television drama set in 1960s America.

Mad Men's sixth season recently started in America and January shared how Betty's wardrobe has changed since shooting started.

"Betty's style has evolved, not only with time, but also with her role," January told British magazine Grazia. "In the first few years, she was emulating Grace Kelly, whereas now she sees herself as more of a Jackie Kennedy."

For this season, Betty's wardrobe contains more power-dressing styles typical of a wife of a political advisor in the era. In real life, January couldn't live in the gilded cage that housewife Betty exists in, and instead likens herself to secretary-turned-copywriter Peggy Olson.

"I would be more of a Peggy character, though I wouldn't be satisfied being bossed around by a bunch of men, but I would have loved the fashion," January explained.

January discussed the tough physical transformation that her character underwent last season. The 35-year-old was heavily pregnant while filming, which meant a storyline had to be crafted around Betty's weight gain.

"Fat Betty was hard to watch," January joked.

"When we started filming, I was quite pregnant and had to come into work at 3am each day for six or seven hours of prosthetic make-up. I was very afraid of how that first episode would look when it aired, but I loved the audience response to her. When she's bigger, viewers are more sympathetic to her."

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