Jason Statham: I was a bouncing baby

16 February 2013
Jason Statham: I was a bouncing baby
Jason Statham

Jason Statham was always “bouncing out of the pram” as a child.

The actor is known for doing his own stunts in action movies such as the Transporter franchise and his latest release, Parker.

Now, at the age of 45, the star is still excited about being cast in films that require adventurous scenes and can remember being active from a young age.

“I do enjoy it,” he assured Total Film.

“I was climbing trees from when I could walk, you know. I was running around and bouncing out of the pram. My mum was always picking me off the ground. I was always involved with sport. My dad was a good boxer. My brother was doing martial arts. My mum was a ballroom dancer. So the physical DNA has always been part of our family.”

Jason has a hectic work schedule and is often left tired from intense shoots.

In his spare time he likes to chill out, but still manages to make time to keep active.

“I like to do nothing. I like to recharge. If you are making a couple of movies a year, you have press commitments and then prep for the movie that’s in front of you. It does such a lot of time,” he admitted.

“I like being active and engaged but I also like to take some time out. I like to see friends, see my mum and dad... I also like to keep myself active. I went skiing and I learned to surf recently.”

In Parker, Jennifer Lopez plays Jason’s love interest.

In real life, the actor is dating 25-year-old model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and appreciates the support she gives him.

“I think behind every successful man there’s a stronger woman that’s responsible for almost every good thing we do,” he mused.

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