Jay Chou denies restaurant going under

Jay Chou denies restaurant going under

9 Feb – Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou recently dismissed rumours of his restaurant business going under.

According to Asianpopnews, recently, rumours are rife that the actor's investment, a western food restaurant called "Mr J" had gone bust due to mismanagement.

Opened to public since 2006, the restaurant was a booming success, recouping its capital within a year and receiving many customers that are mostly Jay Chou's fans.

However, the restaurant recently refused visitors and was reported to have stopped operating indefinitely.

On 5 February, a representative from his recording label, JVR Music revealed, "Mr J is not closed for good but was only temporarily closed for business due to the lease expiration."

The rep also added that the singer himself had the intention to look for a new location and re-open it again after reconstruction.

However, the explanation triggered another speculation that the restaurant's relocation plan was caused by nearby residents' complaints of its noise pollution.

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