Jennifer Lopez: Beauty is confidence

15 May 2012

Jennifer Lopez defines beauty as “confidence, strength, perseverance and endurance”.

The stunning singer shared her views on what she finds attractive during an interview with sports clothing label Under Armour.

Jennifer posted footage of the interview to her Twitter account.

“How do I define beauty? – confidence, strength, perseverance, endurance,” she said.

The 42-year-old wears the brand's clothing in her new music video Follow The Leader. She says the apparel was comfortable and fashionable for the energetic promo.

“It was just such a natural fit, Under Armour with this video,” she said.

“We’re doing a tonne of athletic activity, we’re going hardcore, we’re running, we’re jumping over cars and all kinds of craziness and it was just the perfect thing to wear not only because it’s so functional for the video but also because it has a great style too.

“I don’t like to be rehearsing or even on a set or anything where I don’t feel confident and good about myself in what I’m wearing.”

The American Idol judge also shared her tips for keeping fit as a mother to four-year-old twins - son Max and daughter Emme. Jennifer likes to mix up her exercise regime.

“I do a lot of things,” she said.

“Obviously I do a lot of dance, dance training, go to the gym, run.”

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