Jennifer Tse: No sex scene

Jennifer Tse: No sex scene

21 Nov – Jennifer Tse Ting-ting may have an acting career that is managed by Hong Kong director Wong Jing, who has a tendency to portray his female leads as sex symbols, but Nicholas Tse's sister will never do a sex scene in a movie, according to Daily Chilli.

The model-turned-actress is no wallflower. She hails from a family of showbiz veterans, such as father Patrick Tse and mother Deborah Lee, and aforementioned brother, Nicholas Tse. Jennifer is also a University of British Columbia (UBC) student.

She does not mind performing for art's sake, but her principles do not include doing a bedroom scene or French-kissing her co-star.

"I won't do it, even if it's a love scene on the beach. It's ok if I'm required to just hold the hand (of my male co-star)," she revealed recently.

However, if need be, Jennifer would consent to film such scenes, preferably through the use of appropriate positions and angles rather than nudity for sex's sake, so that "it's not so wet and disgusting", she remarked.

Despite her disdain for such scenes, the 29-year-old has no problems dressing sexily for an event, adding that her boyfriend, American-born Taiwanese star Andy On, and even her own father, approve of her fashion choices.

"My dad thinks that one shouldn't be shy to showcase his or her assets," said Jennifer.

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