Jessica Hsuan leads new mainland drama

Jessica Hsuan leads new mainland drama

25 Mar – Jessica Hsuan may have decided not to return for the sequel of her hit TVB drama, "Tiger Cubs", but it does not mean that the actress has been living idly.

As reported on Jayne Stars, the actress is recently in the production stage of her new mainland drama, "Loving Herb", co-starring Loura Lou, Han Dong and Benny Qian.

Brought by China Syndication Entertainment of "iPartment" fame, "Loving Herb" is set in the era of the Republic of China and revolves around six females and their intertwined quests for love and independence, as well as the story of the Bai family's two sons.

Directed by "Love To Be Found" Jeffrey Chiang, Jessica will play the vicious and merciless Ma Fufang while "iPartment" stars Loura Lou plays Huang Caiwei in her first Republican China-era series. "Bu Bu Jing Xin" actor Han Dong will play the male lead, alongside Benny Qian, an experienced period drama actor who will play his older brother.

"Loving Herb" has yet to announce its broadcasting schedule.

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