Joe Ma is not losing popularity

Joe Ma is not losing popularity

14 Feb – Actor Joe Ma recently denied reports stating that his popularity took a tumble in mainland China, causing the actor to finally decide on making a return to TVB.

Popular Asians website reported that earlier, the "Tiger Cubs" actor had to return to Hong Kong after his popularity in mainland China plummeted, to the extent that audiences fell asleep during his show in Guangzhou, which Joe performed at a discounted wage.

The actor was also ignored by Ricky Wong and his new company, HKTV, being one of the few actors that were not offered a contract with the new broadcaster.

To these allegations, Joe's management company issued a statement, saying, "The details found in the report were false, including the performance discount fee and the bored audience's reaction. We retain all rights to pursue legal action."

His rep explained that Joe remains in high demand and has been busy filming a mainland China drama until a few days ago, when a local snowstorm halted filming.

With his mainland drama currently on a halt, the actor has had more time to spend with his family in Hong Kong.

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