Joey Meng declines TVB offer

Joey Meng declines TVB offer

20 Feb – "Inbound Troubles" actress, Joey Meng has decided not to sign a management contract with TVB - expressing her comfortable situation of working flexibly with the company.

As reported on Popular Asians website, a source close to the actress, who signed a three-year per-serial contract with TVB in 2012, revealed, "Joey is very loyal. Although it has an attractive remuneration package and would also guarantee her a lot of freedom, Joey thinks it would not be fair for everyone."

"If she signs the contract, she would always have to turn down offers, and that would not be very fair for the company. She also feels very safe and satisfied with her current manager. TVB has been treating her well, which is why she immediately agreed to film "Food for the Slaves" and has already saved room in her schedule to film the future "Inbound Troubles" sequels," the source clarified.

It was earlier reported that TVB executive, Virginia Lok has offered to sign Joey and her manager for a hefty sum of HKD50,000 per episode, the right to choose her film and television offers, and would be promoted as TVB's "next Charmaine Sheh".

However, the actress has decided to decline the offer in order to keep her current work relationship with her manager, who has been with Joey since she first started her career in ATV, and her freedom to choose her job with other television stations.

It was also rumoured that Joey had to push back her baby plans with husband, Chan Sap Sam due to her per-serial contract with TVB. If Joey agreed to join TVB's management, her baby plans would be further postponed a few more years.

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