Jude Law: It’s obvious when men preen

3 May 2012
Jude Law: It’s obvious when men preen
Jude Law

Jude Law wishes men who "pretend" their look is effortless after preening themselves for hours would "do [him] a favour".

The British actor is famed for his effortlessly cool look and believes men should partake in a grooming routine. However, Jude's pet peeve is when males pass off an "effortless" look for a casual one.

"I love the ritual of getting ready for an event, but you can tell when a guy has been standing in front of the mirror for too long. Over-trimmed beards, over-styled hair, perfecting a look for hours and pretending it's effortless - do me a favour!" he exclaimed in an interview with the latest edition of UK magazine Glamour.

"My routine is shower, aftershave and, until, recently, trimming my beard which I had for nearly a year for Anna Karenina."

Jude’s style changes with his film roles. The 39-year-old star mixes up his look when he's sporting a new image for his big screen characters.

"Having a moustache and sideburns as Watson in the Sherlock Holmes films forced me to try new clothes. Jeans and a leather jacket didn't look so good anymore, so I bought a corduroy jacket and big snuggly jumpers," he said.

"Suddenly, they looked cool."

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