Jun-su to sing OST for "Rooftop Prince"

Jun-su to sing OST for "Rooftop Prince"

5 May – According to a report on Allkpop website, one of JYJ's Kim Jun-su tracks will be used as a soundtrack for the drama, "Rooftop Prince", starring his group mate, JYJ's Park Yoo-chun.

SBS revealed that, "Kim Jun-su's new album – that will be on sales starting from 15 May will also contain an original soundtrack for "Rooftop Prince". This song will be made public through the drama before the album is launched."

It was also revealed that the song – entitled "Hate Love" was composed by composer of Baek Ji-young's popular "Secret Garden" original soundtrack, "That Woman". The song tells the inseparable love story of Park-ha and Lee-gak in the drama.

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