JYP: "Park Ji-min is not an idol"

JYP: "Park Ji-min is not an idol"

8 July – Music producer Park Jin-young revealed that "K-Pop Star" winner Park Ji-min will be making her debut soon and may go head to head with another "K-pop star" alum, SuPearls.

Kpopstarz reported that on 5 July, the JYP Entertainment CEO stated, "[Park Ji-min's debut] is going to be before the airing of "K-Pop Star" season 2. I think it will be around the time YG's SuPearls debuts. I believe it's going to be an exciting competition so we are all anticipating it."

He added, "She is currently in training. She is enjoying this moment. She is really bright and always happy."

The multi-talented producer also revealed that the rookie singer will not be making her debut as an idol as rumoured. Park stated that they will highlight Park Ji-min's vocal and musical prowess instead.

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